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Dentures are a way to restore esthetics and function once all the teeth have been

extracted in the upper, lower, or both arches. Traditionally dentures are placed after

the gums have completely healed.


There is another technique called an immediate denture that is placed immediately after teeth have been extracted. Even though this procedure may restore the function and esthetic of the teeth immediately, the underlying bone will continue to remodel for many months. This may cause the denture to come loose and therefore a reline will have to be performed to restore proper fit of the denture.


A third option for dentures is a have a procedure performed called an over-denture. In this procedure implants will be placed into the jawbone, and small knobs will stick out of the gums. The denture will then snap into the knobs, like a ball and socket connection, helping to ensure the dentures have the most precise fit.

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