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There are many reasons to extract a tooth in both adults as well as children. Teeth

may be extracted due to severe decay; a tooth may have severe periodontal disease (bone disease), or a tooth that may have a fracture that cannot be fixed. Teeth may also need to be extracted based on tooth positioning, for example if the tooth is impacted. Another reason for extraction is for orthodontic preparation.


Following a tooth extraction it is very important to place light pressure on gauze to

help stop the bleeding. It is very important to protect the extraction site, as a blood

clot will form. It is important to restrain from lifting heavy items, drinking from a

straw, smoking, or rinsing vigorously as these all increase the chance of dislodging

the blood clot. Ice can be placed on the outside of the face to help prevent swelling

and pain. If any questions or concern come up following an extraction please call the

office as soon as possible.


There are many options to replace the missing tooth and the best options can be

discussed with you.

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